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Our Mission Statement

The mission of our business it to provide a licensed, safe, secure comfortable home environment to residents with a focus on high standards of personalized care,  Comanionship, peace of mind while encouraging independence, all within our unique mountain community. 

A Bit About Us

Your Friendly Future

At Kern Valley Assisted Living we set out to create an independent living lifestyle unlike anything seniors have ever experienced before: cheerful communities filled with friendly neighbors dedicated to the happiness and well-being of each resident, activities, programs for fun and personal growth, and all the chores and details of daily life taken care of.

There’s just something very special about life at Kern Valley Assisted Living that makes it unlike any other place on earth. It’s the warm, accepting community of neighbors who feel more like family. It’s the devoted staff who see this as more of a calling than a job, providing unrivaled service, compassion and care. It’s the unique feeling of being right where you belong, a feeling of being at home. It’s what makes life at  Kern Valley Assisted Living so special.


Our rates range from $2,450.00 for a shared room to $2,950 for a non-shared room.  *That breaks down to $85-$98 dollars per day, which includes 24 hour caregiver assistance, rent, utilities, cable, meals and all services.  

Contact us for more information.

*It does not include prescription costs, personal items, telephone, beautician or incontinent products.  

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